This is an old settlement developed by the British in 1893. The British founded IVRI, an acronym of Indian Veterinary Research Institute and the place boasted of well equipped research laboratories where great scientist like Alexender Flemming & Lui Pasture had pursued their studies. Mukteshwar was the only other settlement after Nainital to have a road link & electricity during British era. For locals this was the life line as connectivity started form this place and ended over here, therefore, this was a vibrant economic hub after Nainital during yester years. Now with the advent of better road communication to the nearby villages the place has lost its charm as economic centre, but its pure and unadulterated atmosphere has seen a resurgence in people visiting the place during summers and enjoying the snow fall during winters. The place still gives a glimpse of old British era. The other places of Interest in and around Mukteshwar are

 “MUKTESHWAR DHAM” – One of the eighteen temples of – “Lord Shiva”

Uttarakhand- a land of exotic natural beauty and landscapes is also the land of gods. The land of several ancient temples that speaks volumes about people and their faith in the almighty god.

One of the renowned places of worship is the ‘Mukteshwar Mahadev” temple, situated in mountains of Nainital district, on the ancient “Lohit Giri” ranges. “Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple” is 2300m above sea level. The temple holds a lot of significance for the devotees of Lord Shiva and remains a center of attraction. 

As narrated in Puranas, it is one of the 18 main temples of Lord Shiva. Though situated among high mountain peaks, the divine music of the temple bells and sound of the holy shanks can be heard at a distance. The second is the music for the souls that attract the devotees of Lord Shiva who stop at the temple and only resume their journey after paying their homage.

Since ancient times the “Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple” has been a place of worship for iron ore miners as “Agaries”. The followers of “Maheshwar” community who worship “Lakulis” as their god and conducted important rituals and ceremonies here. It is also believed that couples longing to be blessed for a child with mud lamps in their hand also offer prayers here.

The entire region and mountain ranges came to be known  as “Mukteshwar” after, “Mukteshwar Mahadev”. Pilgrims and tourist alike in order to have breath taking view of the valley and stunning view of snow capped Himalayan peaks, make it a point to visit the temple. A few seconds spend in the around temple premises leads to divine a spiritual peace and at the same time exotic view of lush green forests.


Right below the “Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple” lies the famous “Chauli ki Jali” standing on steep edged rock forming a round hollow. It is said if anybody passes safely from the “Chauli ki Jali” is blessed by Lord Shiva and all his prayer are answered by the almighty. It is also believed that in olden times pilgrims going to “Kailash Mansarovar” used to surrender themselves to the almighty. “Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple”. It’s an ideal place to experience spiritual peace and tranquility. A place, which is a symbol of faith, trust and worship. A combination to rejuvenate mind and soul.